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I had 2 sessions of interview coaching with Kate after I lost confidence from a bad interview, to prepare for the next one. Kate taught me how to plan and structure my clinical reasoning and answers to interview questions. She really did boost my lost confidence, and made me believe in myself again, and showed me strategies to present the knowledge I have to interview panels. She prepared a mock interview very relevant to the job I was applying for, and gave me a wealth of material to study the role to understand it fully. 


I cannot thank her enough, she's exactly the teacher and mentor I needed, and I got the team job with her help!

Laura, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

"Kate is a valued colleague of mine. She is an excellent clinical physiotherapist with very up to date knowledge and skills. Having worked in private practice, NHS and physiotherapy academia she is well placed to give academic support with contemporary clinical knowledge to both undergrads and post grads. She guided me with masters levels portfolio and essay writing recently which helped me develop my critical appraisal within this work and improve my grammar and writing style. I would recommend Kate to anyone looking for this type of support or mentorship."

Fionna, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner

"I worked with Kate for around 18-24 months when she was lecturing at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. Kate brought extensive clinical experience to this role, particularly in relation to musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. I co-taught with Kate on subjects relating to health, wellbeing and behaviour change. I found that Kate relates very well to students as she is approachable and encouraging, with extensive knowledge about current Physiotherapy practice."

Cathy, Reader in Physiotherapy 

"I’ve had Kate as a mentor since graduating from university this year and our sessions were immediately impactful. It is daunting being a newly graduated physiotherapist, but Kate has helped put me in the right direction with research by introducing me to new perspectives and ideas of how to practice physiotherapy. She has also challenged my existing thoughts and principals in a constructive and supported environment. Each session is goal oriented and tailored to my needs and the content of what we work on changes from week to week. Our conversations are both enjoyable and enlightening and we cover very diverse topics from technical anatomy to the importance of language. Kate is always on time as well as flexible with the timing of our sessions. The expedient path to stay the same as a practitioner is comfortable and often superficially rewarded; it is a path I’ve wanted to avoid and Kate has helped by empowering me to be curious, sceptical and empathetic in the evolving landscape of physiotherapy. I highly recommend Kate if you want insightful and pragmatic clinical guidance."

Frankie, physiotherapist

"Kate was absolutely brilliant helping with my MSc coursework! She gave me guidance and advice and this allowed me to work out the answers for myself. Kate is worth every penny and I’ll definitely be getting her help again."

Calum, MSc (pre-registration)

I first met Kate during my BSc in physiotherapy at Queen Margaret University, where I found her to be a very enthusiastic and engaging lecturer. She also helped me a great deal with developing clinical reasoning skills in MSK physiotherapy. She was always very approachable and friendly and this encouraged me to arrange a tutor session following graduation. Kate was extremely prepared for the session, even though it was booked on quite short notice, and she gave me some very helpful advice and materials for interview preparation. The transition from student to practicing physiotherapist can be quite daunting and Kate gave me the confidence I needed to move forward and secure a good position. Following our session, I am very pleased to say that I was successful in gaining a couple of great job offers, one of which I have accepted. I would highly recommend Kate's services to anyone looking to kick start their career or sharpen their skills.

Paul, physiotherapy graduate

“Best lecturer yet, provides positive feedback. Helps facilitate learning”.

“Very pleased with how available and approachable she is for questions/clarification”.

“Thank you for being friendly and respectful. Very good at demonstrating techniques”.

“Brilliant teaching style. Always very engaged in class. Great depth of knowledge for questions. Teachings are very practical and applicable”.

“Great at explaining topics to the class. Everything has been clear and well demonstrated. Nothing negative to say. Excellent lecturer”.

MSc (pre-registration) neuromusculoskeletal feedback

“Very friendly and approachable – this made me feel more comfortable asking questions in class”

“Kate was extremely approachable. Easy to understand. Kate has a great ability to explain things in a more simplistic way – making the sessions more beneficial and enjoyable”.

“Kate was very helpful and supportive throughout. She was so accessible at all times. Great lecturer!”

“Gave us a lot of time and help throughout to discuss topics and helped us to work out problems through lots of discussion”.

“She also ensures that students know the technique of the test and that they do it correctly by going around and if she sees that it is done incorrectly she will demonstrate again to them"

“Very friendly not scary to ask questions, answers all questions well. Makes classes fun and interactive.”

“Gets you feeling like a physio”

“Lots of real life examples, keeping the class engaged”

BSc physiotherapy neuromusculoskeletal feedback

“Thank you for these classes! They open our eyes for very important factors!”

“I liked the way of teaching… your impressions during teaching help us not to get bored and be more comfortable”.

“This 2 week sessions were great... gave me a better understanding of how pain mechanisms affect a patients outcome, going through the biopsychosocial aspects of attending to patient’s needs”

MSc (post graduate) advancing clinical skills module evaluation

"Kate was a great help in my Research critique coursework. Kate provided a large depth of knowledge and helpful resources, helping to guide me down the correct path. In turn, allowing me to achieve a high grade in one of my weaker modules. I will definitely be reaching out to her again for future projects."

Anonymous (BSc Physiotherapy student)


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